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Centre’s sponsors

27 Jan

His Eminence the 13th Tsona Gontse Rinpoche alongwith Geshe Shakya and all the members of Tsonawa Dharma Centre, Selayang  would like to thanks all the generous sponsors for their moral and financial support to set up a Tsonawa Dharma Centre in Malaysia. The list of the donors with their kind sponsored things are:-

1. Buddha Shakya Muni 24” -Madam Wee Siew Keok & Madam Chew Chu Moi

2. Je Tsongkhapa & two disciples 18”-Yew Keong Fah & Family

3. Zambhala 15” -Ms Goh Lee Tin & Major Leow Nun Chung

4. Medicine Buddha 18” -Madam Chen Siew Hwa & Master Tan Ze Zhan
5. Guru Padma Sambhava 18” -Goh Hon Tee Yong & Lim Wit Lan

6. Avalokiteshvara (Kuan Yin) 18”-Mrs.Wong Kean Eng, Liang Shiow Ling, Ms Chua Chooi Hoon (Leva) & Ho Shee Hiong

7. Tara Statue 18” – Mr.Yong Chung Hoong, Koo Soon Oi, Yong Chen Weng & Poong Lai Wah

8. Manjushree Statue 18” -Mr.Mun Chee Meng, Leong Yee Kuan, Mun Jing Rue &Mun Yue Ruee

9.One set computer- Mr.Mun Chee Meng & Family

10.Water boiler machine-Mrs. Lim Wit Lan & Family

11.Hair Cut Machine- Mrs. Lim Wit Lan & Family

12.Dining table set & office table-Mrs. Cannerie Law & Family

13.Two beds; double & single-Mrs. Cannerie Law & Family

14.Curtains for four rooms- Mrs. Cannerie Law & Family

15.Refrigerator- Mrs. Cannerie Law & Family

16.Bathing water heater- Mrs. Cannerie Law & Family

17. Incense burner- Aden, Aaron, Aren & Avelyn

18. White Board, Markers, tool box, door bell & door lock:- Major Leow Nun Chung

19. Sofa set & book shelf:-Ms Chua Chooi Hoon (Leva Chua)

20.Twenty plastic chairs & Five mattress sets & Thirty round cushions:-Ms Jenny Gam & friends

21. Centre’s Signboards:-Dato Stephan Voon